Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Trying to Find Joy in It

Ken picked this one out. If it was in TX it would be a perennial. Can't pronounce its name.
The driveway seems spooky now, after being leafless for so long

Her chipmunk chasing is no longer cute. She's bad.
These wildflowers line the roads and fill the fields. I dug a bunch up from the neighbor's land last year, hoping they'll spread across the yard.

Wild columbine and a purple sage I bought for a dollar in the sickly section at Lowe's last year.
The Evil One lost her skull collar, has to make do with a silly pink one from the dollar store

Dollar Store Sillies and Driving

 Our local dollar store is pathetic compared to the one back home. Still, I wanted a Charleston Chew candy bar and some ginger snaps. Ken was in a goofy mood...
  Walt has decided it's time to get his license, and hopes to have a car by August. He's a careful driver, but I am content to sit in the backseat where I can stare out the window and deny the fact that he's not a kid anymore.
They're putting up 8 more windmills on the hills behind us

Stretchy Pepper and a Turtle

He had to pee everywhere Rusty did
Please look at me
Texas sized snapper(he made it across)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Flower Mania

   We went to an Amish nursery today for flowers. I spent the afternoon potting and planting. I really, really hope we don't have any frosts forecast. Ken claims we will, but I was ready for some color.
He was riding a scooter
She's pushing a tiny baby
Here's the rabbit that Mother took without asking, then returned a year later
And the strawberry pot they were nice enough to haul across the country for me :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Two More Days

   I bought  catnip at the dollar store, tied it up in some cloth, then gave it to the cat. She rolled and kicked for 10 minutes, then passed out in the flowerbed. She got up and crawled under a bush and looked bleary eyed and not-so-good.
   I must have the memory of a goldfish, because I don't remember planting orange tulips. I thought they were red/yellow. I found the bag this morning--I planted orange and pink. I do remember the crocus, but I have a few tiny purple blossoms that I thought were weeds. I'm glad I was too lazy to pull them, because next to the first bag was one labeled Anemone.
Hung over and smushing the anemones.
May 11, Leaves and Blossoms! First hummingbird seen
The grass is full of wild violets, but this was an extra big clump I dug up from the garden area