Saturday, September 13, 2014

Catching Up

Sept 10, a Very Late Blooming Poppy
Amish Pears
Ken Cutting The Cheese
Autumn Sedum Seems Extra Pink This Year
If I'm remembering correctly, it's been years since I had yellow Four O'Clocks
  I love going to Amish farms. Someone remind me next summer, tho, to just get a half bushel of pears. I made myself ill eating all the extras. They also have the best cheese.
    The grape vine is doing great. Next year we can put up the posts and wire, then expect grapes the following season. The last pic ? Sorry, I'll never tell where I found honey made by dragonflies.
  Last of all, I want that pup. She's in College Station. If one of you would swing by and get her for me, then drive her up here, I'd really appreciate it. Doesn't she look like she'd have a personality similar to Rusty's?


The Deer Family

Yes, Sharon--that's another sad and depressing book I'm reading
Too Curious
Spying on me while eating the remaining flowers
  I'm pretty sure these are the same deer that visit daily-- like 3 or 4 times a day.  The back porch light came on at midnight, and they were out there next to the deck eating acorns. Yesterday morning I heard one snorting behind the shed, and the cat came flying down the hill toward me. I've never seen her scared. A few seconds later the family meandered out into the back yard. One morning I walked to the living room to see the largest one staring in the window. They're too curious for their own good. If we see them while taking a walk down the drive, they'll actually come towards us.
 See the tree stump? I pulled it out of the burn pile. The 3 older deer paid no attention to it, but the
youngest one was really bothered. She jumped every time she happened to wander too close to it.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Animal Cam

Walks out from the trees....
Makes sure no one's watching's 7:30 am, Ms Deer, we're rarely up that early!     
...His eyes sure are turned on
Did you notice the temperature on the first pics? It was 38 degrees this morning. The racoon porn lasted around 4 minutes.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

In The Garden

Seeds that Mother mailed me
Finally came home from her vacation with PinkyFernando
Looks like it's glowing
Strangely enough, this has been a pretty good garden. We planted early, during a warm spell. Actually it was the only warm spell all summer, until now. I didn't water or weed or pay much attention to it the past 2 months. But we've had a million cucumbers, plenty of big Amish tomatoes, even squash. We've never had squash grow here, but I found the first on Sept 2, with several tiny ones coming along. Even the eggplant is loaded...maybe we'll have a warm September.
 The orange gladiola is my favorite. They bloomed  2 or 3 weeks later than last year; I think I posted a nearly identical photo then.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Flowers from the summer that really wasn't.
Wild flower(dianthus?) found while trespassing in the woods
Queen Ann's Lace
Red Bee Balm, I hope it spreads
Dahlias that Walt gave me last year

Rose from WalMart. Supposed to be white.
Speckles appeared after opening
Bloomed all summer. Verbena?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Hot Damn, We Finally Did It

 Cut the brush in late April or May, I can't remember. Tried to burn it in June, and it refused. Attempted it again last week...yay for Walt's old socks doused in diesel!
Hosed the tree down while burning, but a few leaves got scorched.

PuppyCat and Pinky Fernando

He visits every 5 or 6 weeks. Either she's infertile or he's impotent. Win-win, either way. They do make a cute couple, tho.
Can you see him?
Pretty sure he's feral
Taking time to stop and smell the clover.