Sunday, January 24, 2016

Waiting for February

  The doldrums have set in. I'm out of books.  Walt's classes and work run from 8 to 5 so I can't text him as before. There's zilch on television and too many well-trained morons on the online places I like to frequent.
    At least the sun is setting after 5 now, maybe closer to 5:30. See the orange cat in the middle pic? That's Pinky Fernando.  PuppyCat hates him (now that she's been spayed.) He terrifies her. Between him and the large fox that frequents here, I've decided to lock her up in the garage at night. She's gotten so fat that I doubt she could outrun either one.
  The last picture is from today.  Buffy kept sneaking in the bedroom and barking at the wall behind the door. Angry barking. I finally brought her out and shut the door; then she put her rope there. I've probably watched too many ghost shows, but I think that's a dog version of spreading a salt line to keep the demons out.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

From Jesus to MLK

Christmas Eve-- no snow. Made it to Texas and back without encountering any of it. Maybe that's why I'm not going nuts with the current miserable-ness of it; I feel like we've made it at least one third of the way thru winter without being snowed in, and that's a good thing.
Christmas Eve ride, unbelievable!

Nice moms let their kid ride in the front seat; He slept the whole way

This was nice mom's view for 2000 miles

Madisonville, TX. Thought it was bats from hell, since it IS home of the Devil Queen.Alas, it was just birds

Loving her swims

Relishing time with tiny storm troopers

Enjoying all of it

Someone was ecstatic to be home

Deep thinkers
Spent last week on the couch, watching 16 episodes of Walking Dead

Saying so long, I'll miss you

Driving home from Geneseo. Sad time in so many different ways

Saturday, December 19, 2015

I suppose I should be happy we made it this long without snow

It's supposed to be 60 again by Christmas Eve. Check out those  boots. I had on some snazzy red flannel pajama pants this morning when I took the dog out, and it dawned on me that I probably resembled  Santa Claus walking down the driveway.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Mid December

Sock Thief

Foot Fetish

Swimming in the Ditch

Pre-bath before the real one

Is that you, Carol Anne?

Paper Thief

Trying out the new dog seat-cover

Elmira snack bar, home of the wooden weenies

One more week, then things should be back to normal for you

Monday, December 7, 2015

No Snow. No Snow!


December 7, and it's GREEN

Snapdragon that refuses to freeze

Now he's dressing her in his shirts

December 7, and he's still riding

Looks like a flying saucer; those are the living room windows reflected on it

Smoking her long rawhide, while watching America's Funniest Videos

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Indian Summer at Stonybrook-- 72 Degrees on November 4!

 Hiking with his true love. She ran, climbed, swam, and drooled. I spent most of the time worrying that she would fall off the edge( I even started sounding like Daddy used to when we camped) She was filthy by the time we got back to the car; came home, had a bath, and fell asleep at 6. She slept until 7:30 this morning. After a week of soap eating and stealing toilet paper, maybe she's decided to be a good girl!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cider Season

Today's perfect weather

Look at those crooked teeth

   We took B to the park to soak up the last of the sun. It's about 20 degrees above normal. On our way home we diverted to the back roads to get some cider. It's just an old barn next to an old farmhouse, with about a million apples out front. Afterwards,we saw a sign for hard cider, so decided to try that place, too.   We didn't realize it was closed, but they were nice enough to let Ken inside for a couple bottles.