Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Catching Up, Summer's End

Early Morning Annoying
Checking out the butterfly-bush
Skinny Legs
The boat has a nasty name and two Confederate flags, but it's just Southern pride, you know
Very little water this summer
From the dragonfly sun-catcher
It makes me happy to think he lives in my porch flowerbed
Last flowers to bloom, zinnia seeds from Sharon
Last of the tomatoes
Getting more purple-er
Post Labor Day is the best time to visit the parks, mainly old people with dogs or vacationers who also shun crowds. We've had the river to ourselves both times; pack a picnic, take a hike and let her swim, drive home in time for a long nap before dinner.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Make America Goat Again

Watching the train

Passing an extra potent barn!

First purple tinge

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Sunflower seeds from birds or squirrels

Back to School

Hey, dumb dog-- I'm in your pool, and there's no water for you!

Saying goodbye

Yeah, he looks really sad at leaving his mama, doesn't he? His own room in a townhouse, two minute walk to class, 6 doors down from his sweetheart, life is so tough.

Keuka Park

That's our boy--never very skilled at climbing trees

More Evening Drives

We have been wasting so much gas lately, going for drives nearly every evening. I took the first picture because it was so odd, there are hills all over the place, but this was actually right before a steep decline down the hill. The raccoons ran across the road in front of us, then climbed the tree. The third pic had 6 or 7 deer, all standing so still and watching us. Their ears were glowing in the sun. The last one is of a super happy pig. It lives in this field with 2 cows. Buffy was thrilled to see it.