Sunday, June 19, 2016

Aluminum Foil and Bear

Knowing the area, there's a pretty good chance it's a Tin Foil Hat reunion
Middle of the day sighting

Friday, June 17, 2016

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Western New Yorkers would be much happier if there were more than 2 Mexican restaurants
Looks a bit nefarious?
Impossible to get her to sit still

Flowers, Dog, and Sky


Peonies are just now blooming. This means imminent rain and wind will knock them down within 48 hours.  Happens every year.
Gave her a raw egg to see if she really is a soft-mouth dog. Dropped it on the sidewalk.
This was the oddest cloud. it's tough to see, but it was definitely multi-colored like a rainbow.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Smart Alecs

 They decided to drive to Letchworth yesterday for some fresh air. I warned him to stay away from the edge of the cliffs. You know, because he's been so sick and dizzy lately and he could easily slip. And also because the ground could give way because of all the rain. He laughed. I requested some cute pics of them, too. This is what he sent today.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Finishing the Semester On A High Note

He still has 3 weeks or so to go, but he's a very happy kid right now. His math presentation for Geneseo's Great Day went very well. I know he was super nervous and stressed in the weeks leading up to it, but he seemed very much at ease while speaking. He and his best friend on the project work exceptionally well together.  See how happy he was afterwards?  On Thursday we'll go back to see him inducted in to the math honor society, and next Tuesday we'll go again to see him accept a math scholarship.

Here Comes The Sun

Looks like they're in a sun-bubble. Of course the dog is too scared to go down the stairs.

If I get sick this week with the mullie-gullies, remind me that I touched these yucky, wet, brown blobs (and may have accidentally wiped my hand across my nose afterwards) while raking leaves and cleaning the yard. It was in the upper 70's yesterday!