Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Sunflower seeds from birds or squirrels

Back to School

Hey, dumb dog-- I'm in your pool, and there's no water for you!

Saying goodbye

Yeah, he looks really sad at leaving his mama, doesn't he? His own room in a townhouse, two minute walk to class, 6 doors down from his sweetheart, life is so tough.

Keuka Park

That's our boy--never very skilled at climbing trees

More Evening Drives

We have been wasting so much gas lately, going for drives nearly every evening. I took the first picture because it was so odd, there are hills all over the place, but this was actually right before a steep decline down the hill. The raccoons ran across the road in front of us, then climbed the tree. The third pic had 6 or 7 deer, all standing so still and watching us. Their ears were glowing in the sun. The last one is of a super happy pig. It lives in this field with 2 cows. Buffy was thrilled to see it.