Thursday, November 5, 2015

Indian Summer at Stonybrook-- 72 Degrees on November 4!

 Hiking with his true love. She ran, climbed, swam, and drooled. I spent most of the time worrying that she would fall off the edge( I even started sounding like Daddy used to when we camped) She was filthy by the time we got back to the car; came home, had a bath, and fell asleep at 6. She slept until 7:30 this morning. After a week of soap eating and stealing toilet paper, maybe she's decided to be a good girl!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cider Season

Today's perfect weather

Look at those crooked teeth

   We took B to the park to soak up the last of the sun. It's about 20 degrees above normal. On our way home we diverted to the back roads to get some cider. It's just an old barn next to an old farmhouse, with about a million apples out front. Afterwards,we saw a sign for hard cider, so decided to try that place, too.   We didn't realize it was closed, but they were nice enough to let Ken inside for a couple bottles.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Packing and Unpacking

  I've packed up the warm weather clothes and hauled all the coats and sweaters up from the basement. Ken put away most of the lawn chairs and carried all the petrified wood to the garage, last year a couple rocks cracked from the snow. We've had days of strong winds, so most of our leaves are no longer in the yard, so that's a plus. The cat has two warm beds made in the shed. I guess we're ready.
First dusting of snow

Rolled all the way down



Looks can be deceiving

This reminded me of a pig's butt, see the little tail?

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lazy Weekend

It's a beautiful day, supposed to freeze by morning. One family member is gallivanting around Long Island with his sweetheart, the other is driving to Ithaca to pick up his long awaited, rebuilt motor. I'm sewing buttons on shirts and feeding the dog Cheerios.
At the height of winter, the sun will appear to be setting behind the tree on the far left.
Ken's favorite apples

These were extra sweet, and so purple they seemed to be black

Searching for apple trees

I love their expressions

Playing with DirtySock in the sprinkler one last time.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First Day of Autumn

    I guess it's appropriate that we had the first( and only, we hope) delivery of propane and coal today.  165 bags = 6000+ pounds. Guess who helped carry it downstairs? He's going to be aching by morning. I hope we don't have to fire up the stove for another month, even though we've already had the heater on a few times. Everyone send good vibes that El Nino makes it all the way to us this winter.
Finally Purple!
These are the oddest,bulgy-folded, misshapen things. Supposed to be yellow/red striped. Officially called Hillbillies.
This looks a bit dangerous, doesn't it, with all those leaves. It's been a chipmunk hideout all summer.
Can you see the deer that the cat is watching?
Buffy watching cat who's watching deer
Our sunflowers and marigolds are always the last to bloom
Perfect face-- the marigolds really don't smell so good, do they

Monday, September 21, 2015

60 Days in 19 Photos

Went to a wonderful art gallery in Rochester, visited the small museum in Hammondsport to oogle old mortorcycles, tried to soak up as much of Walt's special presence as possible, sent him back to his awful little dorm room, ordered a boatload of fruits and vegetables, harvested the last of our garden, saw a genuine NY tree frog for the first time, dealt with obnoxious cats and dirty dogs,  were saddened at the demise of a motorcycle's motor.
Giggling with a goat
Crazy for vintage motorcycles
My favorite
such a smelly, depressing room. Come on, Geneseo, step up and renovate!!
I picked these with the cutest Amish kid I've ever seen.
Got confused about box size, ended up ordering two of these
Finally started getting produce from our garden, tomatoes did pretty good this year
Didn't realize NY had tree frogs
She's gotten so plump since surgery, may need to enlarge her door
Still not able to understand why she can't get inside, beginning to wonder about her brain
Bobbing for.....?
.....a tomato stolen from garden
In dozens of pieces in the basement and garage. Expected resurrection in a couple months.
Goodbye, Mr. Octopus.  Parents refuse to buy any more until she shows some respect for her other toys
This one just gives me the creeps