Wednesday, May 17, 2017


  I remember when he was less than two years old and relatives told us they could recommend a speech therapist. Then came the concerns over not being in a classroom full of kids, the socialization woes, the comments about how they didn't think home-schooled kids could go to college, much less a university in New York. Why, you have to have a real high school diploma in NY! There was even one doofus who said he had missed out on the pre-teen sex.
   Looks like he turned out more than fine.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

God Almighty

This is how our great, Christian president celebrates your holiest of days. Praise the Lord and pass the bombs. I'll have ISIS gone in 30 days. He is Risen! I won, why should I show my tax report?
....oh yes, and the Obama's attended church services every Easter. Trump hasn't been to church since the inauguration. Yet still the evangelical telemarketer/preachers of hate condone this piece of filth.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


 The Republican leaders and members looked away while this man bullied and lied. They still are not standing up to a "man" who mocks the disabled,  lies outrageously,  denigrates current Democratic members, speaks ill of everyone on Twitter( except Putin), and spends his only press conference bitching about how much better he was than Hillary, as if he's still competing in his ridiculous reality game.
 He, a man who equates a woman's worth by her looks, who brags about grabbing women by their pussies without asking-- he is supported by top name religious leaders! Are you a Christian? Do you speak out?
He, a man who swore Clinton was the devil for hob- nobbing with Goldman Sachs, now has 4 Goldman Sachs members and their lawyer in his top administration. He, a man who claimed Hillary was allowing foreign officials access to her office, now has zero problems with running his empire while president. Do you seriously think he won't be involved? He, a man who swore the Mexicans would pay for the wall, now has switched gears. A man who led cheers( along with his General Flynn) about imprisoning Hillary, has now become quiet. A man who denigrates an elderly icon of the Civil Rights era. Does this bother you? Have you ever laughed and denigrated minorities? Have you made fun of protesters, or people celebrating MLK Day with parades?? You saw a known con man yet you chose to be conned? You saw a man who rallied his followers by professing hatred and fear of others, and chose to follow him because of your similar prejudices?
 You looked the other way. You wanted your team to win no matter what the consequences were. You normalized this.  You wanted to lower your own taxes, you think gays don't deserve the same rights as you,  you want to keep all the stinking Mexicans out, you  agree to kicking people off healthcare,  you like the idea of a Muslim registry,  you are fine with men sexually assaulting females, you don't want 'grown men peeing in the bathroom with little girls'. What was it? What made you choose this dangerous, insane clown? Where were your Christian morals when you went to the polls. Where are they hiding today?  What are you? How do you define morals, ethics, dignity, and grace? If you could sit down with your grandchildren and great-grand children, what would you tell them about having admiration and respect for the President of the USA? If you have children, grand kids, or relatives who are gay, how do you ask forgiveness from them for the hateful beliefs this incoming administration has for humans born with a different sexual orientation than you?    The Republican Party and all of it's followers, from this day forward, have no right to call themselves the Party of Family Values, the party of Christian morals. They forfeited that right when they allowed this man to represent what they stand for.
The cartoon below is from a Norwegian political piece. Seems to sum up what is coming.
I have no problem with political differences.

  I have a problem with people choosing to support a creature of this ilk. Do you?


Gorilla, Sloppy-Man, and Mouse Tracks
We take our cookie decorating seriously
Regrets majoring in math instead of ConfectionarySkills
So cold the cat's allowed in the basement
Because everyone loves Mr. Rogers cartoons
I think it was 5 degrees on the drive to the movies
Apparently we were the last in town to see Rogue One
Icy sidewalk of Doom, after a week of warm temps

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Honey Coated Insanity

 If you don't care to read about another Republican story of filth, pass on by.

Let's look at the growing list of conspiracy theorists the Vagina-Grabber is choosing to surround himself with:

David Friedman, nominated as ambassador to Israel. Believes Huma Abedin is part of the Muslim     Brotherhood. Questions whether Arab Israelis should be able to vote in their OWN COUNTRY.

   Monica Crowley, the sexual predator's National Security senior director of strategic   
      communications.Previously Fox News contributor. Has stated Huma Abedin has ties to
      Muslim Brotherhood, and claims Abedin's parents are tools of the Saudi regime.
     She still does not believe Obama was born in America, and whines that he is Arab African, not
     black African, yet he "still campaigns as a black".

 General Flynn( you know, the man who led the Lock Her Up chants at rallies and now his top NS adviser) tweeted, and has since tried to delete the tweets, a fake news- let's just say crazy lie--story about Hillary involved in money laundering and pedophilia. Let me add here, for those who say nanny nanny boo boo, Hillary had an open marriage and lots of affairs, and that was found in"real" news, you probably shouldn't rely on Breitbart or a Breitbart guest on Hannity for "real" news, because those type sites are where you'll find them by googling.

Flynn's son, who is the General's chief of staff and top aide in the transition team has tweeted the same Abedin garbage, and that Rubio is a closeted gay who abuses cocaine.

But honestly, what do we expect, when the mentally unstable, intellectually challenged, emotionally fragile man who conned millions of Republicans with his sweet talking bull crap( actually not much different than the other R candidates were spewing) has his own insane theories:
Biggest proponent of the Birther movement,millions of illegals voted, Cruz's father was involved with Oswald and JFK,  he won in "the biggest landslide' in history.

Amish honey. It's odd how honey made just a few miles away in the next county tastes so different. Sort of like wild clover vs skunk cabbage.
You've been conned, or else you choose to look the other way with these dangerous beliefs. Give him a chance? I think we've seen enough to know the level of diplomacy this administration possesses. It's a shame.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Pride and Decency

"New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio has also pledged that the Big Apple will remain a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants, despite Trump’s threats to deprive such municipalities of federal funding. Sanctuary cities limit their cooperation with federal efforts to detain and deport undocumented immigrants.
There has been a growing number of reported racist incidents ( click on it! It's just Day 2) since Trump’s election on Tuesday, including many cases of young people tormenting minority classmates and vandalizing their dedicated spaces.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has promised people of color and the LGBTQ community threatened by the bigoted rhetoric of President-elect Donald Trump that the Empire State has their back.
“If anyone feels that they are under attack I want them to know that the State of New York ― the state that has the Statue of Liberty in its harbor ― is their refuge,” Cuomo wrote in an email to members of New York’s Democratic Party. “Whether you are gay or straight, Muslim or Christian, rich or poor, black or white or brown, we respect all people in the state of New York.”
“We won’t allow a federal government that attacks immigrants to do so in our state,” he added. "

Then there's this... in Wellsville
Painted on a park wall,  Sadly, there are many pockets of indecency in these rural hills.  The area from Whitesville to Wellsville seems to be quite the hell-mouth. It's the expected consequences of entrusting the integrity of our democracy to a man who has none.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Disbelief , Abandoned, and Odd

    Buffy was not happy with the odd-headed stranger standing in her laundry room.

Barking hysterically

  This next place was originally the only one-room schoolhouse in the county constructed of stones.
We decided to take a drive to see if it was still there. I've got a book of photos of the early towns around here; it seems that so many things burned down in the 1920's or were torn down in the 1970's.
But we found the school---it's now a run down house in a tiny town half filled with  garbage strewn yards, abandoned houses,with the other half well maintained, small farms( miniature horses) and tidy homes. So really, not much different than any town up here.
Our next trip is to find a 1907 pet cemetery...

Front of the school. You can barely see the tops of the two window frames. and the edges in the bricks in the middle where the small, triangular roof( that had the schoolbell) was attached.

Just another abandoned farm. The barn behind it is in pretty good shape.
It's  sad to realize that someone was living here recently, that satellite dish is so out of place...

 Call me nuts, but this reminds me of a one-eyed zombie alpaca head.