Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First Day of Autumn

    I guess it's appropriate that we had the first( and only, we hope) delivery of propane and coal today.  165 bags = 6000+ pounds. Guess who helped carry it downstairs? He's going to be aching by morning. I hope we don't have to fire up the stove for another month, even though we've already had the heater on a few times. Everyone send good vibes that El Nino makes it all the way to us this winter.
Finally Purple!
These are the oddest,bulgy-folded, misshapen things. Supposed to be yellow/red striped. Officially called Hillbillies.
This looks a bit dangerous, doesn't it, with all those leaves. It's been a chipmunk hideout all summer.
Can you see the deer that the cat is watching?
Buffy watching cat who's watching deer
Our sunflowers and marigolds are always the last to bloom
Perfect face-- the marigolds really don't smell so good, do they

Monday, September 21, 2015

60 Days in 19 Photos

Went to a wonderful art gallery in Rochester, visited the small museum in Hammondsport to oogle old mortorcycles, tried to soak up as much of Walt's special presence as possible, sent him back to his awful little dorm room, ordered a boatload of fruits and vegetables, harvested the last of our garden, saw a genuine NY tree frog for the first time, dealt with obnoxious cats and dirty dogs,  were saddened at the demise of a motorcycle's motor.
Giggling with a goat
Crazy for vintage motorcycles
My favorite
such a smelly, depressing room. Come on, Geneseo, step up and renovate!!
I picked these with the cutest Amish kid I've ever seen.
Got confused about box size, ended up ordering two of these
Finally started getting produce from our garden, tomatoes did pretty good this year
Didn't realize NY had tree frogs
She's gotten so plump since surgery, may need to enlarge her door
Still not able to understand why she can't get inside, beginning to wonder about her brain
Bobbing for.....?
.....a tomato stolen from garden
In dozens of pieces in the basement and garage. Expected resurrection in a couple months.
Goodbye, Mr. Octopus.  Parents refuse to buy any more until she shows some respect for her other toys
This one just gives me the creeps

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bear Rears and More Caught On Camera

 Same night, but can't tell if it was the same bear
This family passes by daily. These are the babies that have the nerve to stop and sniff Buffy's precious pile of sticks; it drives her nuts to see that.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Winding Down

Swimming curtailed until the foot heals

Did she learn her lesson about messing with hornets?

Handsome Guy #1

Handsome Guy #2

No, she's not ready to come inside

So glad we found you, Mr. Cobbler. His shop is like going back in time.

I See You

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Perfect Weather

Playing with favorite toy, Dirty Sock

We have grapes!

Desperate to swim

Fearful of the geese

Leaping down the driveway

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Deer and Aliens

The fawn pics were taken a week or so apart, but I think they're the same pair. The last one, I believe, is a small UFO coming in to get a better look, or capture, something that appears to be a possum.