Sunday, April 6, 2014

I Meant Well

  I was cleaning the fridge and found some leftover Queen Ann's Lace jelly. It seemed like the liquid was separating from the pectin part, so I decided to toss it. I did try it and it seemed fine--this one I'd added lemon juice to, so it tasted more lemony than QA'ish. I threw it out by the animal camera. You think they liked it?
  Doesn't the first one look too young to be approaching a year old? But there are no spots, and it seems too early in the year to have one that's outgrown the spots.


  1. The second deer would hold up a sign asking for more jelly, if only it had a marks-a-lot.

  2. I love this camera! Have you seen turkeys running around? They are out in force here. I saw a flock of about 20 birds when I went up to Manhattan last week.