Thursday, April 24, 2014

Three Weeks!

More Color! The trees are right on the verge of blossoming in Hornell, so we've probably got just another week before they do here.
Watching the man work. See how much brush he's cleared?
Still ice--April 23
Lilliputian iris, barely 3 inches high. Couldn't get a clear pic because it was killing my back to squat down in the flowerbed.
First crocus to bloom, April 20
Rained/snowed yesterday, so spent the afternoon junking

He'll be home in 3 weeks. When I realized that yesterday the whole world seemed brighter.


  1. Where was he clearing? The perspective makes Puppycat look huge. Love the flowers. I've never seen irises that small. I'm on my second round of daffodils now...and the majority of my trees have leaves. Love the birdies too. You always find the prettiest things like that. Miss you!

  2. He's cutting all the brush from the slope out front down toward the road. The daffodils are almost open. No tree leaves anywhere except on the lilacs. I can see bits of green on the salvia plants, and the Knockout rose Mother brought is showing green.

  3. Your flowers are so pretty. I don't know how you find such nice things at junk shops. Looking forward to more photos of spring and W.