Thursday, April 3, 2014

The End Is Near

He's going to miss eating the snow, so...
Someone brings special snow-balls inside for him to snack on after his afternoon walk
  The end of winter. Snow's nearly gone, the squirrels/chipmunks are out, and I saw 2 woodchucks a few days ago. The most telling sign, though, is the robin that rams the window every morning, probably the same one as last year. The cat spends all day stalking anything that moves, even the deer that have begun crossing the yard again. There's still a huge pile of snow covering the side flowerbed, but maybe we'll see crocus and tulips poking up soon. It's about time. I think we're going to drive to Ithaca or Stoneybrook soon to see how big the falls are there now.
Meanwhile, back in Texas...
It is a big deal-- April 1, the first day since before Christmas that I wore shoes other than snowboots in the  yard
It's melting!
Looks like she put herself in time out(for scratching the doorframe) but it's really because she saw a chipmunk run under the deck
Mesmerized with watching water drain down a small hole( man, not dog)
Just because she's so pretty
Look at the snow in the previous post from 4 days ago, what an amazing difference.


  1. Oh Hooray!!! It's almost spring here too! My forsythia is starting to bloom and I saw leaves on some trees today. My early daffodils are blooming and the grass is turning green.The landscape is still mostly brown tho.
    We are overrun with robins and it seems most of the geese have moved on. Today I saw a bluebird outside my bay window. I scared it off when I jumped up to get my camera. When I am outside I can hear woodpeckers down by the pond. No frogs yet.
    I'm so glad you posted these photos! I sure miss you all.

    1. Me too. Ken was out cutting some weedy things, and brought in a branch of pussywillow. Everything is brown and muddy, with heavy rains coming tonight, but it feels so good. I just took Rusty for his last walk of the night, and the chipmunks were chirping so loudly, and there were groups of 4 or 5 of them chasing each other. I wish you all were coming up here this summer.

    2. Me too. Are y'all not coming south ?

  2. So good to see Mother and Nathan. Texas really is beautiful. I'm glad you both have springtime to enjoy. Other than trees leafing out, it's not much different here.