Saturday, November 30, 2013

Finding The Perfect Tree

  Wouldn't it be just perfect to hike through the snow, cut down the best tree, haul it back down the hill, and tie it to your car roof? Now I know better. It's so cold outside that I start whining even before walking out the front door. We saw a Christmas tree lot next to the hardware store today, with a sign saying they were from Marcus Farm, just down the road a few miles. That beats a Lowe's tree for sure. Local.  Freshly killed on Wednesday. Cheap.
Straight trunk?
Smaller and skinnier this year
Let's hope you don't end up like me


  1. It's a Happy tree. (Like Bob Ross used to paint on PBS)

  2. There is a tree farm in Benton, just about 4 miles from us. You ride in a wagon out to the cutting area, and then wander around til you find your tree. Saws are provided if you want to cut your own. They put it back on the wagon for you and then shake it and wrap it while you wait inside by the fireplace drinking warm cider and snacking on popcorn. Our family tradition seemed to be to pick the absolutely worst freezing weather to go select a tree. Occasionally we would go on a nice day and spend an hour looking for the perfect tree. The rest of the time, in brutal weather, we were able to find the perfect tree immediately, right next to the wagon stop!