Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Let The Celebration Begin

Baked the cake I promised him as soon as I woke up
Driving home--started to get boogery
Really scarey(and dark) driving up our road
All swaddled like a little baby

Pre-decorated tree
Dog playing while I'm freezing
Are you eating snow again?


  1. I am thankful that you made it home safely and have a warm place to snuggle in, surrounded by everyone who matters, Rusty included!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. The photo of the house is so ghostly! What kind of cake did you bake? You live in a beautiful land.

    1. I like that house because it has a large oval window on one side upstairs, I bet it used to be stained glass. The cake was almond, and I ate too much of it.