Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wasps and Black Trim

  Now's the time of year to get the perfect wasp-nest, Mother. The wasps are gone, the leaves are gone, and I can spot them easily. Too bad they're all so high. I can see four huge ones on the way to Hornell. There's a nice one on the road to our place, but I'd have to jump the creek. K says it's doable, but I'd be the one doing it.
Possible, but built around two branches
Rusty and I both fell in the same animal hole up here while searching
Hard to see the difference, but the black trim does look very good. Got a black dish drainer, too--wow!
Painted that little rooster thingie black
Hydrangeas dried quickly. Doesn't that look like a toddler Walt in drag?


  1. Is that you in the photo on the right?

    1. No, they're all of Ken's daughter. She's 27.

  2. I like the trim but don't remember what is was before...